Xpect Furniture


GL events UK required a bespoke solution for its newly acquired furniture rental division, Xpect Furniture. Specialising in the hire of seating, furniture, floorings and accessories to trade shows, events and exhibitions, the client needed an online storefront, with inbuilt ecommerce functionality to showcase over 600 products.


Users are able to create accounts and place orders for over 450 items of furniture. Products with bespoke pricing feature an on-page enquiry form, enabling specification of exact requirements.

Booking Calendar

Ecommerce functionality is extended through a rental calendar, which enables users to hire products across a specific date range.


Several bespoke PHP customisations enhance the user experience by serving up assosciated assets, including downloads on product pages.

Account Dashboard

The site features an account dashboard whereby logged-in users can review orders, add addresses and update their personal details.